Helping you restore your independence.
senior man having his therapy session

Patients who have or are going through an illness, both physical or mental, are in need of therapy services. This will aid them to full recovery through implementing a treatment plan that’s unique to the patient’s needs. We at Horizon Home Care LLC offer the following therapy services:

  • Physical Therapy

    Provides rehabilitation treatment to restore maximum level of physical capabilities such as muscle strengthening, assisting and educating patient to walk better, prevent falls, provide home safety and caregiver education, teach proper use of Durable Medical Equipment and assistive devices, and use treatments to help manage and control pain.

  • Occupational Therapy

    Assist patient with developing activities and facilitate maximum self-care and independence within the patient’s physical limitations. Assist patient/caregiver with practical skills of everyday living and assess the need for adaptive equipment.

  • Speech Therapy

    Assist patient with speech/language disorder, which may have been impaired following illness or accident. Assist patient with communication techniques as well as problems with cognition and swallowing.

Horizon Home Care LLC is compassionate in ensuring your home care needs. If you have further inquiries, please contact us. We’d be glad to assist you!